With over 15 years of horticultural and landscape design experience, O2 Plantwalls is at the forefront of modern garden design. We combine horticultural knowledge with inspired design to make our clients’ green goals a reality.

Landscape design and construction experience in Melbourne, London and Perth forms the basis for our original vertical landscape concept. We believe our designs are a groundbreaking new architectural design element, which create beautiful and healthy environments for both homes and offices.

We work closely with you  to deliver your garden project whether the theme is classic, modern, vertical or a blend of all three, with outstanding results.  Our customised service ensures a unique and individually designed plant wall or full garden wall for your space.

We understand Perth’s extreme climate conditions and design systems that thrive in this environment.

O2 works closely with Melbourne based company Living Holmes Designs. We use the LHD VertiScape plantwall components in all of our projects. Our hydroponic Plantwalls are made from light weight recycled materials and our irrigation-fertigation systems are designed to re-use and minimise water consumption.