Vertical Herb Garden to Grow your Favourite Herbs

Vertical gardens are the new stylish solution to creating an indoor or outdoor garden. With over 15 years of landscape and horticultural experience, O2 Plantwalls represent modern and efficient vertical gardens.

The green wall is a ground breaking new architectural design element, which creates a stunning and environmentally friendly space for you to enjoy. Because the technology and design is grown vertically, it is the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of green in your home without taking up too much space.

You may also grow your favourite herb in your vertical herb garden. From a design perspective, the green garden wall can dress up a courtyard outdoors or create a little bit of green indoors. The vertical garden is extremely space efficient, taking up minimal room in your home.

Our Vertical herb gardens are also great for units with a balcony, you can grow your own herbs at home. Like they did on “The Block” TV series.

The plant wall is available only through O2 Plantwalls, Australia’s leading provider of the green vertical garden wall.